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Nellson Associates Is One Individual Linked To A Series Of Partner Organizations:


Affiliated Organizations:

  SaveDaily, Inc - Provides a unique, low-cost technology platform for middle-market customers.  Bob Nellson introduces financial institutions to and provides consulting services for SaveDaily.
DCG   DeHayes Consulting Group – Provides consulting and investment banking services for a broad array of financial services firms. Bob Nellson is a Senior Associate with DCG and partners with them on selected assignments.
>> www.DCGCorp.com
Nellson Associates

Robert L. (Bob) Nellson




Professional Practice Capital, LLP - PPC, LLP provided financing for prfessional practices across the US and currently manages a portfolio of loans originated in the past. Mr. Nellson was Chairman and is an owner of PPC, LLP. All new business is being done through PPCLoan.com, a successor organization, with which Mr. Nellson is not involved.

NC   Nellson Marketing - managed by Deborah Nellson, provides product and concept marketing services.
>> www.NellsonConsulting.com



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