Decision Factor Analysis Template

Previously, our spreadsheet templates were $5. Now you can download them for free. Please feel free to click here or on the speadsheet images below to go to the download page.

Factor analysis is a basic tool in any consulting tool kit. This simple type of analysis will help you decide among options more easily by:

  • Factor AnalysisDefining factors relevant to the decision more clearly.
  • Weighing those factors for their relative importance.
  • Assigning relative scores to each option for a given factor.
  • Getting clear answers that can be tested intuitively.
  • Communicating the result so the rationale can be understood and accepted.

Included are a set of sample spreadsheet templates that are ready to use, addressing:

  • A simple, generalized analysis template.
  • Two vendor selection templates (simple and complex).
  • A job comparison analysis (to help decide among potential job offers).
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